Spring Break

Yay….. we’re back to school…

Honestly I can say this was one of the best spring break I ever had. Although the first three days I spend them by babysitting, They’re truly a hand full. But the rest of the week was great. Spending your spring break with your close friends can’t get any better. Hanging around people that like the same thing as you is awesome and that’s how a friendship starts. I also made new friends and met a new person that could possibly change my life now, in a positive way of course.

My plans for this weekend are going to be great, if they go as planned. 🙂 Some friends and I are going to Life in color. This is the world largest paint party.

It’ll be so much fun!!!! and also spending the weekend at chicago. Also experience Navy Pier 🙂

Navy Pier is a 3,300 foot-long board walk. It’s a small amusement park. But the awesome thing is the Ferris wheel, it is pretty dang tall! So this is a bit on how i will enjoy my weekend.

Overall, everything is a lot funner when your with close friends and have a lot of inside jokes. 🙂

Image result for navy pier


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