Black Friday

“I did all that fighting for a TV and I didn’t even pay my power bill” -unknown person

Black Friday is a day after Thanksgiving which is the first traditional day for Christmas shopping. 

As you can see these are some crazy shoppers rushing into a store hurrying to get what they want or to see the store promotional sales that they are offering.

I actually went the Saturday after Black Friday and they still had sales going. I got a couple of great deals. I didn’t get anything electronic just random stuff.

I normally don’t shop at Aeropostale but they had super cute socks on sale for 60% off! an i couldn’t let that go, so I got  a couple of pairs.  They look similar to these. I could wear these with any tennis shoes because they’re normal colors.

Other stores had their entire store on sale for 50% off or certain stuff was on sale.

Although I didn’t stop by the electronic stores. Every year i hear it’s CRAZY in there but I’ve never really experienced going into an electronic store on Black Friday.

People even stayed outside the store a night before to be the first ones there. I wonder if they even get to eat with their family, you know on Thanksgiving. Or they might even have their dinner at the line outside the store. That would be too weird.


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