Winter: Hibernation

About a week ago it started snowing. I remember the first day was on Halloween, its was more like a mix of snow and rain. Technically it wasn’t snow…SNOW.  Now you start to see a lot of things changing. You have the birds and some animals going to the south, you see squirrels covering them selves with their tales, ponds are a bit frozen, there are no more leaves hanging from trees for an exception of pine trees.

These are some of the main animals that are out during the winter time. When ever I think of animals in winter I usually think of a white wolf or moose.

Another thing that happens to animals during the winter time is hibernation. Hibernation is a deep sleep that helps them save energy and survive the winter without eating much.

Skunks hibernate in their den with their close family and like other animals they just go out to find food.

black bear

When people think about hibernation  they usually think of bears. Bears don’y really hibernate they torpor. The difference between hibernation and torpor is that during a torpor the animal is easily awoken.


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