As a little kid I would always be waiting for Halloween and going shopping for a new costume and all that jazz.. But each year I got older. I remember the year where I didn’t want to dress up for Halloween. My mom questioned me, “why don’t you want to get dressed up for Halloween?’ and I told her ‘I’m not really feeling it this year.” She got a bit worried, don’t know exactly why. I thought I was getting a bit to old for it. Oh! By the way I was eleven years old. Pretty old huh. I bet there was that one year where you didn’t want to dress up anymore because you thought you were too old. But now Its cute having little kids going up to your porch and saying “Trick-or-treat!” or some just standing there with their bags wide open.

Now that I’m a lot older, I want to attend scary haunted houses or go to scary places just not trick-or-treating. his year I would like to go to Cedar Point with my friends to the haunted house.

I want to go watch the movie “Annabelle.” It looks pretty scary, more because its has a doll involved and dolls are pretty scary especially in scary movies! Well annabelle is the doll from ‘The Conjuring.” There’s a scene where shes in her box then the guy turns around and she’s gone. U+2194

The Director James Wan redesigned Annabelle for the movie, giving her a much more disturbing appearance. In real life she was the mill Raggedy Ann doll.  Now they made a scary movie of just her. Can’t wait to see it!


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